When you purchase a new mattress, or a hybrid mattress, of course,you will want to know the actual size and whether it is the same size as the one you purchased. When you find that the mattress size differs too much from the size you purchased, then you need to check if there is something wrong with your measurement method.

If the measurements are still the same after several times, then you may need to contact the mattress company to verify and replace the product.

measure mattress

How to properly measure the length, width and depth

measure mattress

1. Remove all sheets, blankets, and pillows from the mattress

The first step is to remove any bedding, including sheets, that may interfere with the measurement. This will give the most accurate measurement results. (Recommendation: general bedding should be washed once a week to help prevent allergen build-up.)

2. Measure from the left side of the mattress to the right side to obtain the width

If your mattress bends outward on either side, you need to measure where the mattress protrudes the most. Make sure you measure from top to bottom at the widest point.

3. Measure from the back of the mattress to the front edge to obtain the length

If the edges of your mattress curve outward at the front and back. Then remember to measure from the furthest point of each edge.

4. Measure from the bottom to the top of the mattress to obtain the height

If you still want to know the thickness of your mattress, measure from the top of the mattress to the bottom. Depending on your bed frame, you may need to remove the mattress and place it on the floor to get the most accurate measurement.

Size of Suilong Hybrid Mattress:

  • Single bed size (39" x 75")
  • Double bed (54" x 75")
  • Queen-sizemattress (60" x 80")
  • King-sizemattress (76" x 80")
measure mattress

Other common sizes:

Size Name The Size(Inches)


38" x 75"



38" x 80"



53" x 75"



60" x 80"



76" x 80"



72" x 84"


Why you need to measure your mattress

If you are buying new bedding, you need to take measurements. After all, it's no use picking a good bed frame or sheets if they don't fit your mattress.

The price difference between mattress sizes is huge. Measuring your mattress can also prevent you from getting a smaller size mattress for a higher price.If you bought a double bed for a spacious space and mattress sizehappenstobesmaller than what you asked, it will cause a bad sleeping experience.


Why does the error occur

The normal error that exists in mattresses fluctuates within a range of 2 cm. Because the material of the mattress is different from wood and metal, the data can be accurate to less than millimeters.The mattresshas elasticity, so gently and slightly pressed will lead to deviations in the actual size of the mattress.The mattress itself is not a precision product, the existence of errors is normal.

Some tips

Before purchasing a new mattress, measure the doorway and foyer of your home. This is to prevent the mattress from being too large to enter the room. Measure the bed frame before you buy it to see if your mattress fits.

If the size is too large will result in the mattress not being installed properly conversely, if the mattress is much smaller than the bed frame. There will be a large gap left between them, affecting the sense of sleeping experience.

If you buy a mattress in a box.Please remember to unpack and leave the mattress for 72 hours to allow the compressed mattress to fully recover its elasticity. If you have followed the instructions, but the mattress is still shorter than the size you purchased.

Then try the following:

  • If you have a lot of strength, you can make air enter the mattress by shaking it. The purpose of restoring the original size has been achieved.
  • If the force is very small, you can lie on the mattress and roll over a few times. You can also achieve the same effect.
  • After performing the above operations, please observe again whether the mattress size reaches the normal standard.