The capabilities of the companies on the market for mattresses are different, and the quality of the products is even more so. Why is there a big difference in the price of products that are identical in appearance and size? Why are the prices of mattress traders even lower than those of mattress factories? There are several factors involved.

The variation in production costs due to the differentiation of raw materials for the products is a very important reason.

The production cost of a product is determined by several factors: the fabric, the structure, and the spring, the foam, the support of the sides of the mattress, and the packaging of the compression rolls.

Mattress Surface Fabric

Determine the price of the fabric mainly by the weight of the fabric, generally used in the mattress fabric are mainly the following weight 600g, 550g, 500g,450g, 380g, 280g, 200g fabric. The weight data bigger the fabric, the better the touch feeling and support, the more advanced the details, and the solid and firm, the different the comfort level of sleeping on it. However, there is a huge difference in the cost of the different types of fabric. For example, the difference in price between a 450g and 380g fabric in the same pattern is almost 2USD per meter, resulting in a mattress costing around 10-15USD to produce.

Another more important factor in determining the price of the fabric is the composition of the fabric material, for example, ice silk, bamboo charcoal, cotton woven, linen woven, chemical fiber cloth (acrylic, polyester, nylon) composition many, here is not a detailed list. Most mattress sellers will not mention the composition of the fabric in the description of the mattress or falsely advertise it, because the consumer is not a professional and cannot tell the difference between the fabrics. For example, bamboo charcoal and cotton weaved fabric 2 materials, many times, the consumer is not to distinguish, but the price difference between these 2 materials is huge.

The pattern of the fabric is also an important factor in determining the price of the fabric, you can look at the pattern of the utopia and sunrise mattresses by Suilong, which has a nice concave and convex feel. Different patterns can lead to different processes and material changes during the production of the fabric, which can lead to price discrepancies.

Mattress Spring

The number of springs used in a mattress also affects the production cost of the mattress, the following is a comparison of the number of springs used in a Suilong mattress and a well-known brand on the market.


 Mattress Size 90*190 120*190 135*190 150*200 180*200
Suilong Mattress spring QTY 15*30 20*30 21*30 25*32 29*32
Number of springs for a well-known brand of mattress 14*29 18*29 20*29 23*30 29*30

The same size mattress spring number difference a lot, so directly affect the price of the mattress, but from the standpoint of the consumer, compared to the 2 mattresses, at the beginning of the sleeping experience is not very different, but after a while, will find the mattress support and stability will appear very obvious changes.

The wire diameter of the spring

When comparing the wire diameters of springs of the same height, thicker wire diameters provide better support and slightly less elasticity, but the springs last longer. The opposite is true for springs with a smaller wire diameter. So different areas of the mattress with different wire diameters will have different support for the body, and the support will be significantly different. A mattress has hundreds of springs, non-professionals are difficult to feel out, often misled by the seller with language and illustrations and consciousness forced to feel that they sell mattresses have zoning. Instead, it is no zone, or zone fewer than the number described. But the consumer is unaware of this and thinks it is the same as the description of the seller's product.

Height of spring

The height of the springs determines to some extent the height of the mattress, the higher the height of the springs the more sway and the more elasticity. The lower the spring height, the better the stability and the relatively weaker the elasticity. For example, for a 30cm (12inch) mattress, the same height mattress, the same material layered structure, the higher the spring, the lower the thickness of the sponge, cotton felt, and other materials used, the higher the production cost of the mattress. The lower the springs, the higher the thickness of the sponge and felt used, the lower the production cost of the mattress. The Suilong brand mattress is set to adjust to the comfort level of most people, but many well-known brands on the market use high spring heights and thin foam. This is not felt by the consumer at the beginning of the buying experience.

Non-woven fabric for pocket springs

Currently, the market is full of pocket spring mattresses, the so-called pocket spring is the mattress spring to be packed into a non-woven bag. This ensures that the up and down amplitude of the springs does not affect the springs next to them, which are individual pocket springs. And the pocket springs are connected in a stable arrangement on the mattress using a non-woven fabric that is glued to each other. This is why the service life of the non-woven fabric is so important. Suilong has its production factory for both nonwovens and springs, ensuring the quality of the springs and the nonwovens to ensure the longevity of the pocket springs. Similarly, if the density of the non-woven fabric is low, it can lead to damage over time, resulting in contact friction between the springs inside the mattress, noise, and direct sinking of the mattress surface when sleeping. The material of the non-woven fabric with a high-density weight is expensive.

Sponge and Foam

The sponge is currently divided into memory foam, latex foam, gel memory foam, normal sponge, the most popular mattress on the market is these types of sponge. The price difference between these types of sponges is huge, the same style of mattress, respectively, with these different sponges, the appearance of the same mattress price will vary greatly. So many businesses in the sale of products will have some false propaganda, after all, a newly purchased mattress by the buyer after the purchase, will not go to split mattress, so the buyer does not know which kind of sponge is used in the mattress.

The higher the density of the sponge, the harder the sponge, good support, and the sponge is much more expensive than the spring, when the spring and sponge have different combinations, making the mattress production costs produce a big difference. For example, the use of coarse wire diameter, low height of the spring, the use of low density of normal sponge, compared to the spring wire diameter thin, high height, and then choose the high density of sponge, both can do when the pre-use of good support, good comfort mattress, but the price difference between these 2 mattresses is very big.

Gel memory foam is the most popular sponge on the market today, and its function is to keep you cool. The amount of gel injected into the sponge is relevant, the greater the proportion of gel, the cooler it is, a little bit of gel injected also call infused gel foam, which is also a detailed factor in determining the price of the mattress.

There is also a price difference between good and not that good memory foam options, with the price of fast and slow rebounding memory foam making a big difference. Of course, it also depends on how the brand chooses the memory foam.

The felt on the mattress is very important, the felt is a barrier that separates the spring from the sponge, and plays a role in protecting the sponge and fixing the sponge. The high density of the felt has a long life, and the opposite is short. So this felt is also a factor that determines the price difference of the mattress.

Mattress edge support

The edge of the mattress support is good or not good according to the mattress's four sides structure. The edge of the mattress using a high hardness spring and the density of the sponge or thick sponge combination will make the edge of the mattress support particularly good. This is also an important part of the price difference.

Suilong uses a compression bag vacuum bag plus explosion-proof film, the safety factor is high. But some companies in the market will just use vacuum compression bags and a film, the safety factor is low. You can see the difference between the explosion-proof film cost and the normal film cost.

In summary, the same appearance of the structure of the mattress, why there will be a variety of price differences, is determined by many factors in a comprehensive decision. So consumers in the choice of mattress not only simply listen to the sales side and the brand side of the recommendation and guidance, in fact, also need to rely on understanding the sales side of the production capacity, whether there is jerry-building, whether there is a stolen concept. Whether there is a genuine 10-year warranty and 100-day trial sleep guarantee. It is important to choose a mattress for sleeping, so the price is not the only criterion when choosing a mattress.